10.August 2022

The Future of Tokenization of Real-world Assets With Comtech-Digital Gold (CGO)

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Because of inflation, the value of any currency will not be the same after five years. As a result, finding the correct investing strategy to protect against inflation is critical.

Gold, for example, has long been regarded as a buffer against inflation, and many people consider it an alternative currency.

As an investment, gold is a reliable and secure asset. There have been several revolutions in global markets, especially digital assets, as the digital world has progressed.

However, because currencies are constantly prone to inflation, long-term investments frequently turn out to be far less than what the investor anticipated. Real-world assets are being tokenized.

 Tokenized real-world assets are asset classes like real estate, classic automobiles, watches, or gold, silver, and diamond that may be integrated into blockchain systems to allow investors to invest in them simply.

Because of blockchain technology, all of this is feasible. According to a study done by the World Economic Forum, blockchain infrastructure would control 10% of global GDP by 2027, since several digital assets coexist on the same financial platform.



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