27.November 2022

Selling Without Scum: How To Compose A Press Release That is Not A Pitch Fest

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Selling Without Scum: How To Compose A Press Release That is Not A Pitch Fest

Selling Without Scum: How To Compose A Press Release That is Not A Pitch Fest

If you’re considering submitting your press release distribution then you’re aware of all the reasons why they’re crucial. But before you have your PR published and to journalists, bloggers and even customers You must know how to compose an effective press release. The purpose of a press release is to sell your thoughts, but there’s a line between selling your ideas effectively without sounding as a used automobile salesman.

Stick To The Facts

A sales pitch that is blatant in a public relations piece can make readers turn away. The readers are looking for the truth and don’t like to be told what they should think. When you give readers details about the announcement you’ll allow them draw their own conclusion. This will ensure your credibility while allowing readers to evaluate the credibility of your press release distribution services for themselves.

Don’t Just Tell Your Readers You’re The Best, Prove It!

In writing a release the best way to prove you’re the top is to utilize an attribution system to support any assertions. For instance, instead saying that your business is the top in the field, you should use evidence. If you’ve been deemed the top bakery in the city by a local newspaper, take a look at which sentence confirms that:

“Cupcakes By Karen Named The Best Bakery In Chicago By Taste Of Chicago Magazine”


“Come To Cupcakes By Karen And Taste The Best Cupcakes In Chicago”

Notice how the second is ad-like and not an announcement about news? Although there’s some news the second one (Cupcakes By Karen was named the top Chicago bakery) however, the reader isn’t able to immediately discern the content. It isn’t necessary to read more than the headline in order to find the informational nugget in your best press release distribution services. Finding out if you have to prove your assertions is simple. If your claims leave people wondering, ‘who said what is who?’ Afterward, you should provide evidence.

Use Quotes To Inject Opinion

Even if you have announcements to make The goal of most online press release distributions is to promote sales! The best place to market your services and products is in your quotes. Quotes don’t have to follow the same guidelines as the other PR. Since you’re tying the remarks to a person who is actually within the company, you’re free to use whatever words you’d like! But, in any quotation it’s good to explain to readers what the motivation or reason for the comment. Check out these quotations:

“We work hard to take care of our customers.”


“Every day we have customers who stop and tell us how we’ve helped make their birthday party or other event a success. Whether you’re looking for a simple, delicious birthday cake or an elaborate, one-of-a-kind wedding cake, we’d love to show you what we can do. We consider our cakes works of art and there’s no better feeling than when a customer sees their cake for the first time and tells us how it’s exactly what they envisioned.”

What’s the difference? Each says the same thing: Cupcakes By Karen is focused on their clients, however the second one really promotes their products and let customers know what to be expecting when working with the bakery.

The art of writing the perfect top press release distribution services is a crucial business tool, but it’s one that a lot of businesses do not comprehend. If you’re submitting your press release for publication in traditional outlets, or to an online distribution site for press releases it is important to ensure that you’re putting the best effort into it. Do not fall in the trap of appearing like a salesman who is sleazy. Your journalists, clients and bloggers will be able to tell the fraud. Learn how to create your press release and make sure you put your most professional face forward.

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