27.November 2022

Online Exposure Tips – Six Things You Most likely Have hardly any insight into Circulating Press Releases

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Online Exposure Tips – Six Things You Most likely Have hardly any insight into Circulating Press Releases

Online Exposure Tips - Six Things You Most likely Have hardly any insight into Circulating Press Releases

In recent times, when working with clients in press release distribution using four different paid distribution platforms (and employing these services myself) I’ve gained a few valuable tips that I’ve never heard other publicity experts talk about.

  1. Press releases can drive visitors for years.Everyday, my website receives visitors who discovered and clicked through press releases that were published 2 years or more ago. If you’re using press releases to advertise the event of a short duration or product, you should either change your landing page on the release to a product that people can purchase, or redirect visitors to the landing page to a similar, but still relevant website.

Some services don’t let you keep your releases indefinitely active however. One subscription company told me that if I did not renew my subscription the press release distribution services that I’d uploaded through them would disappear. Be sure to inquire about this prior to purchasing an annual or monthly subscription to a distribution service.

  1. Google News – the place where journalists, researchers, and news hounds search for news – is active for approximately one month.So, if you’re promoting the same product or use similar keywords once per month, you can maintain your presence on Google News nicely. But more often than that it’s not a lot of extra value from your efforts and investment.
  2. Always hyperlink directly to HTML pages.One client asked me to direct a link from her publication to a PDF file I advised her not to do so. Instead, link it instead to the HTML website instead. Why? If someone downloaded the PDF document from the publication, they won’t be able to visit her site , and the description of her other services and products. Additionally, many media professionals view publishing material about publicity in the format of PDF as a indication of inexperience.

Another client requested an online shop cart “buy” link in her press release. This is also not an ideal idea. It is unlikely that anyone will be ready to purchase after having read the best press release distribution services. They need the assurance and trustworthiness of learning more details about the product on a website prior to hitting “buy” “buy” button.

  1. Twitter is now a major player in the distribution of press releases.One online press release distribution owner has told me 90% of release announcements from his service currently are being tweeted. Sometimes, it’s “bots” that do this however, most of the time it’s human. To make sure you tweetable, limit your headlines of press releases to minimum 100 words and avoid using special characters such as”$, “%,” or @ in your headlines as these could interfere with the way that the “bots” are programmed.
  2. Utilize graphics.Many distribution services permit you to include an image or two to your release for no additional cost. When you can, take advantage of this feature that can help your release get more interest when it is listed in the listing of releases that cover the same topic. To create the image, you can use the product shot, or an image of your CEO, or even the logo of your company.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to just launches.Over 80 percent of the time , when I am hired by a client to create and top press release distribution services that’s for an imminent event or new product. However, news stories that are trending as well as timeless advice are suitable for press releases too. In fact, I’m writing the hundreds of tips articles I’ve shared on the internet into press releases to get an additional, powerful shot of attention from humans and love from search engines.

Press releases have been a reliable tool for making the news known. With the ever-changing landscape of online media It is important to be up-to-date on the best methods to utilize them.

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