11.August 2022

MOVEZ Soars 30x Hours after Listing on OKX

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This listing is massive for the MoveZ community. It points to its developers’ inclination to quality and dedication to carve a decent market cap with better offerings for users.

The MOVEZ IDO was concluded in seconds, a record giving investors a 99% discount on prices. Notably, MOVEZ IDO selling out so fast means a lot of people were eagerly waiting to purchase the token at a time when confidence in the market was wavering – testament to the project’s stability.

The excitement before, during, and after the MOVEZ IDO was expected. MoveZ plans to take on StepN, whose token, GMT, has consistently outperformed BTC and remains one of the top performers. As the name suggests, MoveZ is based on what people do every day: moving. However, the project introduces a new twist, enabling participants to sustainably make money as they do what they inevitably have to do every day.

On top of this, the platform offers more than just earning from moving. Instead, the project can be used to turbocharge fitness from cycling, gym participation, and even surfing. In fact, every form of exercise possible can be rewarded on the app – representing a step up from the competition.

For every event recorded on the MoveZ app, users earn the platform’s utility token, BURNZ, as rewards. There is no barrier to entry. Participating in the MoveZ ecosystem doesn’t require users to own NFTs. Instead, they can take part by obtaining a tier by staking MOVEZ tokens.

The surge of MOVEZ will be further turbocharged by the release of its mobile app in the coming 2 weeks.

With MOVEZ trading at record highs on the first day after listing on OKX, investors are closely watching how the token will perform in the coming weeks. BlueZilla’s track record in successfully incubating projects coupled with the planned announcement of top-tier partners will likely propel the token to new highs.


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