21.March 2023

Messari acquires assets and business of fundraising database Dove Metrics

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Messari will use Dove Metrics’ fundraising data to enhance real-time monitoring and transparency in the crypto fundraising ecosystem.

Messari, a leading blockchain analytics and crypto market intelligence firm, has acquired the assets and business of fundraising data platform Dove Metrics, CoinJournal has learnt from a press release.

Dove Metrics is a platform of Blackrose Capital Management.

According to Messari, acquiring the assets and business of Dove Metrics will boost its services and products through increased transparency, especially on data about ecosystem fundraising.

Messari Vice President of Market Intelligence, Eric Turner said tapping into Dove Metrics’ technology provides it with the capacity to offer its users the tools they need to stay informed about market trends. Among the benefits will be the ability to access real-time monitoring of which top projects being backed by investors, he added

Dove Metrics has monitored more than 8,000 investors as they participated in multiple crypto funding rounds, with data gathered including that of top venture capital funds, hedge funds, corporate funds, investment DAOs and angels.

The platform has also tracked nearly 3,000 funding rounds, with more than 300 of these being financing efforts of individual funds. The datasets also include details on 200 merger & acquisitions (M&As) in the crypto ecosystem.

Dove Metrics was co-founded by two experienced individuals in the crypto investing landscape – Regan Bozman and Pierre Chuzeville (also of early-stage crypto venture capital fund Lattice).


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