21.March 2023

Make the Most of Your Video News Release Techniques

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Utilize Your Video News Release Techniques to the Fullest


video press release is a short, compelling piece of content that journalists can use to write stories about you. They’re typically shared with reporters and editors using email or social media. A VNR can be as simple as a few minutes of your time talking directly to the audience about what you do, or it could include longer interviews with experts in the field who have something valuable to say about your company’s products or services.

Target Your Audience

Identify your target audience.

Know the demographics of your audience.

Know the interests of your audience.

Know the location of your audience.

Know the language of your audience.

Know how many people in each demographic group are reading and watching news media, so you can determine which channels are most effective for reaching them as well as an appropriate budget level for producing and distributing videos that will attract their attention.* Identify who has access to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., especially if this is new territory for you or if there isn’t one available where live streaming occurs regularly (e-mail newsletter notifications work well here).

Write a Compelling Title and Headline

Make the Most of Your Video News Release Techniques

A title and headline are the first thing that people see when you share a video news release on social media. They should be compelling enough to get them to watch, but brief enough that they won’t lose interest before watching your full-length video.

Here are some tips for writing good titles and headlines:

Keep it short and sweet. Don’t make the headline so long that it’s hard for people to read or remember what it is about (although there’s no rule saying a title can’t be longer than 1 sentence). Also make sure there isn’t any misspellings or punctuation errors in your headline, since those will distract from its message as well as potentially lead readers astray if they’re looking at your social media feed while reading through all of their notifications at once!

Use visuals where possible—for example, showing pictures/video clips instead of just text alone would be helpful here because then readers won’t have anything else distracting them from concentrating solely on whatever info might be contained within this particular post/article (elements such as color schemes/fonts etc.).

Create an Interesting Opening

In the opening of your video news release, you can use any of the following techniques:

Open with a question. You can ask a question that leads into an interesting fact or statistic, like “How many people have telecommuted in their workplace?”

Open with a statement. You could say something like “I’m excited about this new technology because it will help me get more done at work.” Or you could talk about how your company has been able to meet customer demand by using new technology—like automated email deliveries and social media marketing tools—to increase sales volume and customer loyalty over time . . .

Include the 5 Ws and H

The 5 Ws and H are the backbone of any news release, they’re also the most important part.

Who is the story about? Who is involved? What happened or will happen (or did)? Why is this important to you, your company or industry as a whole? What makes it worthy of coverage by journalists who care about social issues such as these.

When did it happen? Was this event recent enough that a reporter can still report on it in their publication’s timeframe or does it require more time than that for them to write an article about it (if so, what kind of timeframe)?

Where did this occur: where does your story take place – indoors or outdoors; indoors vs outdoors; inside other buildings/structures etcetera..

Add a Compelling Visual Element

A compelling visual element can help you to stand out in your music video press release.

You should use a video or graphic that grabs the attention of viewers and tells them something they want to know. You can use this kind of visual to tell viewers about the success of your product or service, or how it fits into their lives.

Write in Inverted Pyramid Format

The inverted pyramid format is a great way to start your news release. It will help you write in an organized and concise way, which is important when writing a news release. You can also use this approach if you want to include quotes from other people or organizations that are involved with your story.

This type of writing style is often used because it makes the most sense for the purpose of writing about an event or issue: informing people about what’s going on in their community or industry at large.

Inverted pyramid writing breaks down into three main parts: introduction (what happened), body (what happened) and conclusion (why this matters).

Include a Concluding Quote

The concluding quote is the final words of your video news release examples, and it can be used to help you end your message on a strong note. This is where you’ll want to include some additional information about the product or service being discussed in the video itself.

For example, if you’re releasing an article about how great your new bathtub is going to make you feel after a stressful day at work, then perhaps there’s something else going on that might help explain why this is so important:

“I love my new bathtub because it feels like heaven on earth.”

This could easily be translated into “You’ll love our bathtubs because they’re designed specifically for people who need relaxation during stressful times.”

Include Testing and Contact Information

When you’re creating a video news release, it’s important to include testing information. This means that you need to include your contact information in the VNR and make sure that it’s easy for viewers to find on their own.

Here are some ways you can do this:

Put your website address or phone number at the end of the VNR so viewers can easily access more information about you.

Include links back from other websites where visitors can learn more about what types of products or services they offer (for example, if they sell books).

Give the VNR to Reporters, Bloggers and Local Media

You can also give the VNR to reporters, bloggers and local media. This is a great way to spread your message. You’ll want to include a link in your email and/or on social media so that people know where they can find more information about you or what you do.

You should also include contact information for reporters, bloggers or other interested parties who might want access if they need it (for example: phone number; email address). Additionally, if there is an event happening soon that would make good content for video news releases (such as an upcoming exhibit opening), include this information too!

Create an engaging video news release following VNR best practices.

The following is a step-by-step guide to creating an engaging video news release, following VNR best practices.

Create a VNR template.

Use the VNR template to create your video news release.

Include five Ws and H in your VNR: who, what, where when and why. Include compelling visuals that provide additional context for the body of text you’re providing in your story—this will help audiences understand why they should care about what’s going on here! The last thing we want them doing is skipping over something because they don’t know exactly how it fits into their lives or what impact it could have on them personally or professionally.”


If you’re still not sure about how to create a video press release service, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation and we can get you pointed in the right direction.

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