04.February 2023

Fantom Partners with Gitcoin Grants in $490M Incentive Program

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The team at Fantom (FTM) has announced a partnership with Gitcoin Grants that will revolve around an incentive program to fund projects in the Fantom ecosystem.

Furthermore, Fantom users will decide on the allocation of the funds thus allowing greater FTM matching rewards for projects most loved and supported by their users.

The Fantom Foundation will kick off the incentive program by participating in the next round of Gitcoin Grants that begins in June. The foundation will go on to match user donations with 3 million FTM in the first round and 1.5 million FTM in subsequent rounds.

To note is that the Fantom Foundation has retired previous incentive programs both for DeFi and Gaming. Current and pending applicants are therefore encouraged to apply through Gitcoin grants.

In addition, the Fantom/Gitcoin incentive program is geared towards achieving the following objectives.


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