04.October 2022

DEFI CONFERENCE 2022-The Rise of Decentralised Finance

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DeFi Conference 2022-The Rise of Decentralised Finance

DeFi Conference 2022 is an amazing, no-cost online conference scheduled for 5th August 2022. The conference will focus on two of the most exciting emerging trends in the field in the past few years the The Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Speakers will examine the reasons that have led to the growth of DeFi, its effects on the financial system as well as the market players, including in international remittance, lending , the borrowing process, including staking trading, insurance, derivatives as well as asset transfer. The speakers will address the situation of NFTs and copyright issues as well as the top NFT creator and market platforms as well as as well as legal implications, and the future for NFTs. The future is definitely exciting for both DeFi as well as NFTs. Decentralisation trend will have a huge impact in the coming years.


Join CEOs CIOs, COOs, CTOs, heads of data science as well as heads of strategic innovation Heads of IT heads of information security and engineering head of IT architecture and heads of emerging technology Heads of development technical advisors, head of strategy and compliance officers as well as policy makers and regulators attorneys business transformation, data architecture, heads of applications head of the digital sector, investment venture capitalists research managers, software engineers developers and marketing managers musicians, developers, artists gamers, academics influential people Blockchain and cryptocurrency startups and fans, and much more!


Attend the conference to get valuable insights into:

  • Decentralised finance and NFTs disrupting different industries: find out about real-world cases studies of organisations that have created DeFi and NFT products, services and platforms
  • Strategies for ensuring success of implementation of DeFi as well as NFT implementation
  • Future consumer demands from the market
  • Understanding how DeFi can facilitate financial inclusion and a greater level of involvement in the system
  • How NFTs are bending norms of ownership in digital form
  • In addition to these information and insights, it’s completely cost-free! Of course, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience from the comfort and security of your home!

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