11.August 2022

Building a blockchain for developing NFTs with utility: Case of Ternoa

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A year into the boom of NFTs, they are no longer just mere cultural assets but building blocks of Web3. Used for Metaverse experiences, games, and decentralized applications, NFTs are now at the center stage of the blockchain industry. As programmers explore what the new world of NFT-centered projects has to offer, they seek secure and dev-friendly tools to create the next big thing.

In a relatively new space for developers, building an NFT-centric project comes with a lot of obstacles. They range from adapting to the new networks and languages in a new industry where information is abundant but difficult to access, to minimizing infrastructure fees, to maximizing profit. Searching for the NFT-centric solutions that will cater specifically to developers creating utilitarian NFTs becomes a challenge.

With more developer-friendly features to be released in the upcoming phases, Ternoa actively grows their community of builders. This fast-growing project is set to disrupt the NFT economy by making next-generation NFTs easy-to-build on the blockchain. Early contributors who joined the Ternoa ecosystem already started developing first dapps with many going live on Mainnet in the upcoming months.



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