14.August 2022

Anchor Protocol (ANC) is rallying despite a broader market tumble

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ANC has gained nearly 13% even as the broader market sees a drop of around 7%

The DeFi protocol has also seen its TVL increase by 2% over the last 7 days

Trade volume for ANC has also shot up by 300% over the last 24 hours

The recent 13% surge in 24 hours is a welcome surprise for ANC investors. Outperforming the broader market is always a good sign. However, it is unlikely that this trend will last long. In fact, we expect the gains to be relatively short-term unless there is an improvement in sentiment across the market. 

As a result, expect ANC to report gains over the next two or three days before it finally pulls back and follows the broader trend in the crypto industry. Anchor Protocol should however be on your radar. 

A jump in TVL right now is not something to take lightly. Since the start of the year, DeFi Protocols across the board have seen a sharp decline in total value locked. The fact that Anchor still has nearly $17 billion in TVL right now is a big plus.


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